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Sierra Foothils Wineries

While the Sierra Foothills are usually though of for mountains, forests, and gold, there are also some great wine growing regions and the wineries to go with them. With different climate and growing conditions these wines tend to have a style all their own. Well worth checking out for the scenery and some very interesting wines.

All winery descriptions are from our post pandemic explorations.

Auburn area

Vina Castellon

With a cave-like tasting room and large grounds featuring vines and a pond, this is a fun and relaxing winery. Whites and reds. Peaceful, scenic.

Lone Buffalo

Nice open space with a rustic tasting room and lots of outdoor seating. An interesting variety of wines. Peaceful scenic


Beautiful location with lots of outdoor seating overlooking vines and a pond complete with fountain. Whites and reds. Scenic./p>